At Advanced Weight Loss & Wellness we take a thorough, holistic, evidenced-based approach to helping you find the real cause of your stubborn weight problem. This is accomplished by testing for food allergies, the cause of food cravings and hormone imbalances to help you lose weight safely and prevent it from coming back. If needed, we can test for candida, leaky gut syndrome, or other infections in the digestive tract.

Testing, identifying and treating hypoglycemia or insulin resistance with diet and supplements is essential to address at the start of any weight loss program. Working with the glycemic index is more important than counting calories. It helps us identify which seemingly healthy foods should be avoided because they cause a spike in blood sugar.

In order to lose weight, it is essential to heal the gut first. One of the biggest causes of weight gain is eating foods that cause inflammation and damage to the intestinal walls. We will guide you to the best diet and supplements that will reduce inflammation, heal your gut, and help you lose weight.

Our Liver Enhancement Program not only detoxifies the liver, it helps produce the 6 fat-burning hormones, so you will look and feel vibrantly healthy. We have customized diet plans with delicious gourmet recipes so you can enjoy fresh, healthy food and lose weight at the same time.

Often a healthy diet and exercise is not enough to eliminate unwanted belly, buttock or thigh fat. In this case we provide the latest state-of-the-art technologies to help you lose weight and inches and keep it off, including the Lipo-Light, Master Key, and Whole Body Vibration.

Step into the future and enter into the Lipo-Light Lounge for a transformation of mind, body and spirit. The Lipo-Light machine uses infra red light to send a soothing, warm sensation into your fat cells, which start out like grapes and become like raisins. In 20 minutes you can lose up to an inch of fat. Besides fat loss, the Lipo-Light machine is also helpful for treating neuropathy, detoxification and chronic pain.

While on the Lipo-Light machine, you also get to experience the Master Key, an audio recording guiding you through a visualization that puts you in a deeply relaxed state, helping to lower cortisol levels. The Master Key provides support for the mental side of weight loss – often a missing link to long-term success.
Lay back, close your eyes and experience the amazing power of the Master Key technology to assist you in shifting your consciousness, opening to a healthier way of living.

After 20 minutes on the Lipo-Light, you go to the Vibration Room to experience the Whole Body Vibration machine. Whole Body Vibration helps trim and tone, reducing cellulite, while using up the energy that gets released from the Lipo-Light session. It’s like getting a 60-minute workout of all the muscles in the body in only 10 minutes. Whole Body Vibration is also helpful for increasing bone density, improving circulation, and enhancing detoxification. It’s a great solution as well for people who can’t exercise due to age or injury or other health challenges.

We know how challenging it can be to make dietary and lifestyle changes, and at ADVANCED WEIGHT LOSS & WELLNESS, our caring and compassionate staff will support you every step of the way to a healthier you. We look forward to helping you achieve your weight loss and wellness goals. Please call 925-962-9160 today to schedule a FREE consultation, so we can determine which of our programs at Advanced Weight Loss & Wellness is right for you.