You say you want a resolution?  Well, you know, we all want to change ourselves. -Dr. Raphael, via the Beatles


Every New Year, the # 1 resolution people make is to lose weight. At Advanced Weight Loss and Wellness, we can make it easy for you. In my 35 years in practice as a chiropractor and holistic weight loss specialist, it has been amazing to witness the transformations in my patients — from walking in looking tired and overweight, to radiating vibrant health. This past year I’ve had patients get off diabetes medication, quit caffeine, easily lose unwanted pounds and inches, and regain their health and vitality.

June C. lost 20 pounds and went from being diabetic to prediabetic in 8 weeks. Her husband, who wasn’t on the program but cooked for both of them, lost 34 pounds! Click this link to watch:

To celebrate my 35 years in practice I have a New Year’s Special you can read about below.

If you have a hard time losing weight, it may not be your fault.

At Advanced Weight Loss & Wellness, we’ve gone way past the idea that in order to lose weight you just have to eat less and exercise more. According to Dr. Ronald Hoffman, calories in, calories out is old school and just doesn’t work anymore. Subtle factors beyond our immediate control can sabotage our efforts at weight loss . Here are 6 of the most important overlooked reasons why it’s not your fault if you’re overweight:

1. Food Allergies-Have you ever felt bloated or tired after a meal? It could be food allergies.  When we eat foods that we are allergic to, the body stores it as fat.
2. Blood Sugar Imbalance– Do you crave sweets late afternoon or after dinner? Do you get light headed or irritable if you don’t eat right away when you’re hungry? You may be suffering from hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. If you are tired after eating, thirsty, or urinate frequently, you may have insulin resistance and be prediabetic. Once the blood sugar is balanced, the cravings for sweets are reduced, thus making it easier to lose weight.
3. Food Cravings– Do you have a lack of willpower when it comes to your food cravings? It could be a problem with your neurotransmitters. We offer supplements and dietary advice to boost your neurotransmitters, thus improving your mood, increasing your energy and curbing the fattening food cravings.
4. Candida Albicans – Taking antibiotics, birth control pills or cortisone can kill off the good bacteria, which then encourages overgrowth of the yeast Candida Albicans. Candida causes sugar and carb cravings and prevents weight loss. At Advanced Weight Loss and Wellness we test and treat for Candida Albicans overgrowth.
5. Hormones -Your excess weight may be caused by hormone imbalances, such as low thyroid, estrogen dominance or exhausted adrenal glands. At Advanced Weight Loss and Wellness we test for hormone imbalances, and treat with diet and natural supplements.                             6. Stress and Lack of Sleep – Chronic stress causes an excess of cortisol. Cortisol raises blood sugar and promotes insulin resistance and belly fat. If you can’t sleep, you can’t lose weight. At Advanced Weight Loss and Wellness we have a natural sleep program that finds that underlying cause for insomnia, helping you sleep well through the night.

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